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This platform was created to help content creators, thought leaders, hobbyist, and entrepreneurs connect to the audience they want to serve. Simply List your live links here for more exposure to audiences that may have never seen your services, hobbies, or want to join free chats before.

Content Providers

Do you have a YouTube or Instagram page? Would you like to attract new followers or host a live video call to allow questions an answer.

Course Creators

Did you create a course and want to teach clients how they can add value to their lives? You can attract new learners to your platform and grow your network.


Do you have an open book club? What about a women's or men's group that you host weekly? Are you looking for like minded individuals that share your passion? Post your link and meet new people.

Social Media

Become a Content Provider and post the links to your social media pages.


Do you own an online store and are looking to showcase your merchandise? Host an open chat for people that may be looking to join your team and buy your products.

Help & Support

As a User of the site you can request what you want to chat about and we will find someone that will host a chat about that subject. Support groups are the best way to talk about issues or create solutions.